Intelligent Practice Services

In a moment, a life-saving decision is made. You’re focused on your patient, not the billing code. But what follows brings a challenging complexity. At EGO, we handle every facet of coding and billing, with expertise and precision, through our comprehensive set of services. Our rich clinical background informs everything we do. Experienced nurses handle the details and bring with them an expertise and a deep understanding of the nuances of emergency medicine. Multiple times a day, you make the call. Don’t get lost in the numbers. Let our Intelligent Practice Services chart your course for freedom.

  • Comprehensive Practice Management Services
  • Reimbursement Coding by Nurses
  • Physician Documentation Training
  • Chart Capture and Log Verification
  • Management and Accounting Reports
  • Corporate Integrity and Compliance
  • Provider Enrollment Services
  • Coding Management
  • Patient Contact Services
  • Billing Management Services
  • Hospital/ED Practice Relationship
  • Fee Schedule Management

Distinguishing Services

The EGO difference is created by going the extra mile to deliver a premium client experience. Knowing how to bill and collect doesn’t make the difference, outstanding execution does. These services deliver far more that will grow your bottom line.

Practical Benefits

Service excellence starts by getting the practical parts of billing and coding right. Innovative technology makes EGO’s process efficient but technology alone doesn’t assure execution. A culture of caring about the results and managing every patient account produces more cash per billable encounter than any other means of billing and coding.