Patient Services Department

We have staff located in our office dedicated specifically to respond to telephone inquiries from the Practice's patients and their related third party payers. Patient calls are made to a toll free telephone number. All patient calls are answered by one of the Department's trained and courteous staff members.

The Patient Services staff refer to a manual containing contract summary and policy information for each Practice. Knowing the contractual obligations enables the staff to answer patient questions more accurately. Patient Services calls are monitored routinely to evaluate the staff's performance and to identify the need for support and retraining.

Patient satisfaction with the billing process is enhanced by our internet-based statement review and payment processing system. Patients are advised on their billing statements that they can go to and, using a password provided only on their statement, view the status of their account and make credit card payments directly via a secured site. Online accounts are updated weekly. Internet access eliminates many questions and calls to the billing office, thereby increasing payments and patient satisfaction with the process.




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