Emergency Groups’ Office

The most challenging aspects of running an emergency physician group aren’t medical. Partnership dynamics. Insurance. Compensation. Consolidation. They all take you away from what drew you to emergency medicine in the first place: doing what’s right for patients.

Emergency Groups’ Office was created to help you navigate this difficult terrain. We stay ahead of industry changes, from new regulations, to shifts in administrative oversight. And we use our deep knowledge of emergency medicine to fight for every clinical decision that you make.

Because when you’re ahead of the changes, and on top of the numbers, you’re free. Free to practice the kind of medicine you want. And free to achieve the kind of success and independence that make emergency medicine worth it.


Meet the Leadership Team


Proven Industry Intelligence—For Over Four Decades

Founders Del and Jane Brault owned and managed their first emergency physician billing company, located in Troy, MI. starting in 1975. The Brault’s were privileged to work with many of the pioneers in the specialty, including the original members of the “Pontiac Plan” who were among the first physicians to practice emergency medicine independently. The Brault’s clients were also instrumental in establishing ACEP, initially located in Lansing, MI, and many of their clients were ACEP’s founding members and officers.

The Brault’s sold that company and retired to Southern California in 1985. But their ex-clients pressed them back into the business asking that they consult with them to assist them with their reimbursement and billing problems. Two friends told two friends who told two friends, as they say, and the Brault’s got back into the emergency medical billing business in 1990 when they founded Emergency Groups’ Office.



Strong employee loyalty, evidenced by a remarkably low turnover rate, contribute significantly to our service success. Key personnel who share this philosophy of service continue to be in place for continued future success.

We are looking for talented people in the emergency group and medical management field and in physician billing and coding. If you are interested in working with EGO, please contact us.