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EGO provides a full range of medical billing and coding management services to emergency physician group settings.

We obtain the highest equitable net income per patient for our clients following the principal that we use the fees our clients' pay us for their benefit. At all times we will deliver our services while holding to the highest ethical and legal standards. We will staff the Company with employees encompassing a blend of clinical and business backgrounds as we know that contributions from both disciplines are necessary to obtain our clients' and our company's goals.



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EGO Webinar:Patient Satisfaction - The 800 Pound Gorilla in the ER 

Perhaps it is the fact that ED-CAHPS will be rolled out soon. Perhaps it is the belief that patients “Willing to Recommend” will drive hospital market share and profits. Perhaps it is what CEO’s talk about at conferences and in their literature. Regardless, for CEO’s, this is the year they focus on Patient Satisfaction in the ED with everyone at 75th percentile or higher...



EGO Webinar: Can Independent Emergency Groups Remain Independent?

The landscape for emergency physician groups is changing dramatically and many feel that they have little chance of retaining their current practice arrangements. EGO has a different perspective. In this recorded webinar, Drs. Andrea Brault and Fred Dennis discuss reasons why independent emergency physician groups transition out of their contracts and share strategies for securing your relationship with your hospital and your health system.



How Does Your Salary Stack Up?
2015 Emergency Physician Compensation Report



EGO Restores Medicare ECG/X-Ray Payments

Medicare began denying emergency physician payments for ECG/X-rays until EGO stepped in and challenged the policy change. Engaging the HHS Regional Office and CA’s Medicare Contractor, EGO was able to improve Contractor payment policy to be consistent with CMS policy and restore payments to CA emergency physicians.

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Increased Medicare audits are creating more headaches, delays and frustration for emergency physicians. EGO is raising the alarm.

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Congress Delays Medicare Cuts - SGR Up Next

Both the House and yesterday, the Senate, have approved a budget bill that includes a three month payment update of 0.5% for dates of service January 1 – March 31, 2014. During this three-month window, it is hoped, Congress will attempt to pass a bill that permanently repeals and replaces the SGR. 

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Good News - Emergency Physicians largely exempt from CA Medi-Cal 10% pay cut in 2014.

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RAND Research Report: Evolving Role of Emergency Departments

The Emergency Medicine Action Fund, to which EGO is a major contributor, sponsored this foundational meta-study showing that office-based physicians increasingly rely on EDs to evaluate complex patients rather than care for them in their offices. ED admissions went up 17% while unscheduled office admissions went down 10% over 7 years even though EDs have become more conservative about admissions than in the past with more complex workups for discharged patients. No wonder higher levels of care have been reported over the last 10 years.

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Reimbursement Update | Payer Audits

By Bing Pao, MD, FACEP, & Andrea Brault, MD, FACEP, MMM,
California ACEP Reimbursement Committee Co-Chairs

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Emergency Medicine Action Fund

Andrea Brault, MD, FACEP is a member of the Board of Governors of the Emergency Medicine Action Fund that helped stop the Medicaid cuts in Washington State.

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EGO wins Medicaid audit with no repayments required. Inspector General compliments our cooperation. Click here to read "Anatomy of an Audit" on our blog to learn how the ED group was chosen and how EGO's defense worked.



EGO Client Reaches Landmark Settlement with Payer